We can turn the tide on this election. If you triple your vote, we triple our power to protect people and planet. It’s go time.

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Signing up is key. This tactic works because people get reminded to triple once voting opens. It also means we can support you and measure our collective impact.

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Now think of three people in your life you’ll chat to about voting. It might take a minute but stick with it - this is the bit that’s proven to get the job done!

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    Commit to getting three friends out voting for people and planet
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    We will text you when voting opens to remind you to follow up with your mates and lock in their votes


This election, we need to choose leadership that will look after people and our planet.

Vote tripling is a proven way to channel our power towards action.

It’s simple; have a conversation with three friends and ask them to vote. Then follow it up once ballot boxes open.

Behavioural science shows that it works because people listen to people they trust.

If thousands of people triple their vote, then we triple our collective power this election!

How to pick your 3

We all have people in our lives who want to see a better world, but think voting is pointless, or they are just too busy to make it a priority.

Yet, these are the people who will decide our future.

Your task is to think of three people who:

  • Care about people and planet
  • Are unlikely to vote
  • Or undecided on who to vote for

Reach out and tell them about why this election matters to you, and ask them to make a plan to vote. You know your friends and family best, so follow your instincts.

Get involved

Become a Community Organiser

Want to take your tripling even further? Become a Community Organiser alongside dozens of passionate people like you.

We will train you, give you all the resources and support you need to encourage more triplers to get on board. You don’t need any experience, just sign up for an online training and see if it’s for you!

Dates & times

EventDate and time
Weekly trainingSep 12 2023, 7pm
Triple The Vote Kick Off CallSep 14 2023, 7.30-8pm
Weekly trainingSep 16 2023, 1pm-2pm
Weekly trainingSep 19 2023, 7pm-8pm
Weekly trainingSep 21 2023, 7pm-8pm
Weekly trainingSep 23 2023, 1pm-2pm
Weekly trainingSep 26 2023, 7pm-8pm
Weekly trainingSep 28 2023, 7pm-8pm
Weekly trainingSep 30 2023, 1pm-2pm
Weekly trainingOct 3 2023, 7pm-8pm
Weekly trainingOct 5 2023, 7pm-8pm
Weekly trainingOct 7 2023, 1pm-2pm
Weekly trainingOct 10 2023, 7pm-8pm

If your organisation would like a briefing call to get more involved as a collaborator or supporter, email [email protected].

Who should I vote for?

ActionStation has teamed up with our mates to create a political scorecard that shows which parties and policies are looking out for people and planet.

Check out the scorecard

Who is behind this?

Triple The Vote was brought together by ActionStation Aotearoa, a community campaigning organisation focussed on people-powered change toward a fairer and flourishing world.